Embracing Curves

We now live in an extremely judgmental society controlled by influences by social media, porn and photoshop. This causes girls, like myself, to be highly critical towards themselves after looking at girls in magazines that are completely airbrushed and photoshopped into looking ‘perfect’. No wonder 725,000 people in 2015, in the UK alone, were affected by an eating disorder. 

However, curves became more into fashion when the likes of Kim Kardashian-West became more and more famous for her rather spectacular rear. People like Kim caused people to realise curves are pretty damn sexy. However, Mrs Kardashian-West can afford to get perfectly fitted Balmain clothes whilst I’m in Topshop jumping up and down in the changing rooms trying to slide my jeans over my thighs. Kate Moss once said, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”… she’s obviously never tried Millie’s Cookies.


As you can see, a thigh gap has never really been my forte. From a young age I’ve had chunky legs, partly inherited through genetics of muscly legs, partly because salad is the devil. (p.s those sunglasses of mine were VERY cool at the time.) Then compared to now, I still have my thick thighs which I’m slowly becoming to accept.

I think every teenage girl goes through body image issues coming to terms with the fact they don’t like things about themselves; whether it’s because of having small boobs, bad skin, chunky thighs or whatever. But bigger bodies have started to be embraced in the media recently.

Example 1) Ashley Graham 

28-year-old american, Ashley Graham, weighs 14 stone and pulls it off brilliantly. This year, Graham became the first ever plus size model to be on the front cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. She speaks openly about body image; she’s spoken on television about it, to newspapers and even goes into high schools to speak to students about it. For more pictures of Ashley, follow her on instagram! (@theashleygraham).

2) Iskra Lawrence 

Stunning Iskra Lawrence is size 14 and an English “plus size” model taking the world by storm. She is the managing editor at Runway Riot, a website meant to be an outlet for women of all shapes and sizes to learn about glamour. Iskra refuses to have any of her instragram pictures retouched in anyway, to see for yourself check out her page: @iamiskra.

3) Robyn Lawley 

Australian size 12 beauty, Robyn Lawley, has done covers for big magazines like Italian Vogue, Elle France, GQ and Cosmopolitan Australia. Also, in June 2013, Robyn was awarded Model of the Year during the Full Figured Fashion Week showing that curvy models don’t go unnoticed! To see more of Robyn, follow her on instagram: @robynlawley.

I have utter most respect for the Kendall Jenner’s and Bella Hadid’s out there, but us Ashley Graham’s of the world need some more confidence in knowing we can be equally as sexy as all the hot Victoria’s Secret models! Embrace your body, whether you’re a size 8 or 18.

Sources: healthyceleb.com, b-eat.co.uk & iskralawrenceblog.tumblr.com

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