Naked Selfies: Confidence Conveying or Just Overly Revealing?

We all know some celebrities love a good naked selfie (or nearly naked selfie), but the question is what is their motive behind such revealing pictures? To convey how confident they feel in their own skin, or to just be some eye candy for their millions and thousands of followers? Are these pictures really setting a good example for young women?

Culprit number 1: Kim Kardashian West

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Mrs Kardashian West is known for her raunchy photos. We all agree her figure is pretty phenomenal, but should a mum and wife really be revealing so much to so many people? (touche to her however for getting back in shape after two kids).

One Facebooker commented on Kim’s naked selfie saying: “If I would look like this I would not only photograph myself naked, I would run around with nothing on all day! Haters should shut the F up. Really. You wish you looked like that,” whilst the next comment is, “Lol kim just can’t stop hoein” – so it’s safe to say there’s quite a divide in opinions on the matter.

Kim’s photo captions range. The naked professionally taken photo captions “#liberated”, showing her confidence, whilst the naked blonde bombshell photo captions, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”, arguably trying to cause controversy and gain attention.

The positive outcome of Kim’s photos is embracing more curvaceous bodies… other than that, it’s slightly too ‘X rated’ for me. Discretion has never been her strong point.

When asking my twitter followers on the topic of naked selfies, many felt people do it to be eye candy and come across sexy, rather than liberate women to be confident.



Culprit number 2: Miley Cyrus 

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In recent years, it seems Miss Cyrus has forgotten what bra is. The once child star has removed the Hannah Montana wig… along with the majority everything else. It’s likely the Wrecking-ball singer, who once had to be a role model to kids, is simply rebelling now  she’s no longer a Disney actress.

From fake boob leotards on stage, to stark naked wrecking-balling, Miley’s rarely seen in a normal pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Cyrus is known for promoting “freedom” and so on, but maybe just a little too much of Miley’s flesh has been freed.

If you’re planning to rebel any time soon, I don’t recommend you follow Miley’s example unless you want to give your parents a heart attack – maybe just “running away” and sitting on your street corner for half an hour would be more appropriate.

I asked girls similar to my own age how they felt about so much nudity on social media & what example it sets for young women:

“I don’t think it sets a good example for young girls. Kim K and Kylie get more attention for putting naked selfies on social media & they know they get attention from doing it. They should promote themselves in a more productive ways, showing girls a positive way of getting attention.” Olivia McKell, 21

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“I think it shows more confidence to be honest, especially when it’s Kim who is rather curvy showing girls it’s okay to have boobs and a big bum rather than be a stick. When I saw Kim’s naked selfie, I just thought ‘Jesus she’s got some balls’.” Chloe Kendrick, 19

“It can go both ways. If things are sleezy and for men, then it’s eye candy, but then I could argue if men have the right to be topless then why can’t women? If they’re confident enough to show themselves off then I think it’s empowering because  it’s giving everyone the right to be confident in themselves.” Abbie Saul, 20

“I think it’s sometimes putting too much pressure on girls these days to want to have that  ‘perfect’ body, when the truth is celebs have probably spent a fortune on themselves to look like that, or by photoshopping pictures. Kudos to the celebs who work hard for it though.” Marie Bibat, 20 

“I feel like there are some things you should keep for yourself and your partner. I couldn’t stand having my naked butt all over the internet. Keep it a bit of mistery, you know?” Ana Iliescu, 20


I’m all for promoting being  confident in your own skin, it’s extremely important to be! However, some of these naked pictures (by other celebrities as well as Kardashian West and Cyrus), add to the pressure young girls face of having to be ‘sexy’. Don’t feel pressured into being someone you’re not, and showing things you don’t want to. You can show confidence with your clothes on, just ask constant clothes wearer, Beyoncé .


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