Love Island’s Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen talk bad habits and wedding dates

The one couple who always stand out at events is Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland. With continuous hand holding and looks of admiration, it is evident the couple are still completely loved up eight months on from the end of Love Island 2016… 

How have things been since you starting living together?

Alex: Obviously when we were in the show together we were basically living together so it was weird for us to be apart. When we came out, we wanted to move in together straight away and we just clicked. Now we live together it’s just perfect.

Olivia: We tried to not be together, I think we tried two days apart and we just couldn’t do it. We are the soppiest people you will ever meet. I think for us, because of the situation we were in, it’s made it easier because we’re used to being around each other and used to having each other there. If I didn’t have him there I wouldn’t be who I was.

Alex: To go on a show when you’re with each other 24 hours a day with no phone, no time apart and being away from everyone, when you come off it’s weird not to be with the person you’re in love with.

What is your most common argument? 

Olivia: I tell you something specific, some exclusive information; I cook dinner because Alex can’t cook, so if I cook I expect him to clean – what he’ll do is clean half the kitchen. You’ll go in there and there will be a garlic crusher and spoon in there that he hasn’t even seen. That is what he does!

However, despite being bad at clearing up, apparently Mr Bowen is good in every other aspect.

Alex: You’ve thrown me under the bus now! But, say if we are watching a film or something and the window sill is by the sofa, she’ll be having a drink of milk (I know it’s weird but she loves milk) and put the glass on the side. When I’m washing up, she’ll leave it on the window sill and leave it there for a day. It’s gonna stink!

(Olivia claims she is waiting for Alex to tidy up).

After moving in together, most commonly, the next step for couples is to get a pet to create a sense of having a family. Olivia and Alex now own a gorgeous French Bulldog named Reggie, as many followers of theirs will know as they understandably post videos and photos of his adorable face frequently.

How did it feel getting Reggie? 

Alex: Honestly it’s like having a child. Say if we’re having a cuddle and a kiss, he’ll go mad because he wants to be involved.

Olivia: To say I kiss Alex, he’ll bark at me and I’ll be like, “What the hell? Calm down, I’m trying to kiss your f*cking Dad here!”.

Love Island is set for a third series with Caroline Flack presenting again after last year’s series won a National Television Award. Sadly the cast and the start date for this year has not been confirmed yet.

What relationship advice would you give to this years’ contestants? 

Alex: With the people on the show, you don’t know who’s going to click with who so they might pick the wrong person. If you pick the right person then it’s just meant to be – that’s all the advice you can give.

Olivia: Trust your heart, trust yourself, be yourself and just try not to get caught up in the game because it is a big, big game and they will try to pull you in to it.

After whirlwind relationship and a romantic proposal in New York last December, everyone’s wondering when it will be – the couple will be Love Island’s first wedding.

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When the hell is the wedding?!

Olivia: Well! When is it Alex?! We’re trying to organise – we’re the worst organisational people. We’re late to everything, we’ll be late to our own wedding!

Alex: What it is, obviously we were late to the thing tonight [Britain’s Next Top Model launch party] so I think we’d f*ck it up a little. I think it’s just nice to be engaged for a little while, do you know what I mean?

We tried to not be together, I think we tried two days apart and we just couldn’t do it.

Overall, it’s safe to say one of Britain’s favourite couples are still going strong and don’t seem to be showing any cracks (other than Alex’s bad clearing up and Olivia’s milk drinking habits). Unfortunately there are no wedding dates currently on the cards but it is obvious that the couple are a match made in heaven.


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