GBBO’s Selasi talks all things Bake Off

Selasi Gbormittah won over the hearts of the nation last year in BBC’s final Great British Bake Off. With his cool and collected attitude he was bound to be one to be remembered. I had a chance to chat to him about this year’s Bake Off and what he has in store…

Did you watch this year’s bake off? If so, what did you think of it?

“I thought it was good! They kept the format and everyone at home seems to have gotten used to the adverts, whether that means they can go make a cup of tea or get a piece of cake. It was interesting because they made a lot of technical challenges a lot more difficult, it was watching like, ‘Oooo, I’m actually learning something new’. Pru is great and she also knows her stuff – she’s a good replacement [to previous judge Mary Berry]. The presenters are good replacements as well.”

How did you feel being the last BBC Great British Bake Off?

“It’s good to be the last BBC lot because I have that legacy to go off. I think it kind of helped out profiles as well because there was a lot of talk about selling the show and changing the presenters so we are, and always will be, grateful for that. It’s good to see people actually enjoy the show for what it is. People love a disaster!”

Have you enjoyed everything that’s been happening since you’ve left the show?

“I’ve enjoyed it massively. I’ve still got my day job so I don’t know how I fit it all in – I’ve done a lot festivals like the Christmas Ideal Home Show. I’ve been running around doing the shows, campaigning for brands, taking time off work and all that – it’s been a great year. I’m doing what I enjoy, I love cooking and baking.”

What are you up to at the moment?

“It’s been a busy year! I’ve partnered with a few brands to do a few campaigns. I did a pop up bakery with deliveroo a couple of months ago which went well! Hopefully we will do a few more of those soon. I’ve got a few things planned for next year, which I’m not allowed to say just yet.”

You will be seeing Selasi’s delightful face on screen once again as he returns to the tent for Great Christmas Bake Off which will be aired next month on Channel 4. You’ll also see some more familiar faces such as Val Stones from series 7 and Paul Jagger who’s best known for his lion bread sculpture in series 6. 

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