About me

Hi! My name’s Niamh Shackleton.

meI am a 20-year-old multimedia student studying at the University of Salford  where I have studied modules like Government, feature writing and news writing.

My dream is to become a feature writer for a national magazine; I throughly enjoy entertaining and informing people through words on topics that are interesting but not always as doom-and-gloom as news (as important as the news is).

I have experience with Women’s Health Magazine, the Manchester Evening News and the Lancashire Evening Post. In May 2018, I will be spending a month at Cosmopolitan Magazine as well.

My blog will have both casual, entertaining posts, and some more factual and informative ones too. My website also has  a portfolio of some of the work I have produced whilst at university.

Thanks for taking time to take a look at my site and excuse the odd vulgarisms… I’m northern.


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